Crochet Button Pattern
Ideal for Beginners!

Here is an EASY crochet button pattern that takes about 5 minutes to make and will add unique accents to any of your designs. Add them to clothing items as fasteners or as decorations.

This fastener was attached to an American Girl long sleeve top to add a finished touch.

If you enjoy making doll clothes, you can use your imagination and adorn clothing for yourself and your play pals using this simply constructed accent.

Crochet Button Pattern:

The finished button is 5/8 inch in diameter, using a Size J Crochet Hook and worsted weight yarn.

You can make much smaller fasteners by using a lighter weight yarn, and conversely, a larger one by using a chunky yarn. Have fun experimenting!

Make your starting loop, leaving about a 9 inch end, and then chain 3. Below you will see a picture of the first step:

Insert hook into the first loop, forming a circle.

Row 1: SC 8 times inside the circle.

This is what you should have now:

Row 2: SC in next stitch, then (insert hook into next stitch, pull yarn through but do not remove from hook)*. Repeat * once. You should now have 3 loops on your hook.

Row 2 (Continued) Wrap yarn over hook, and pull through the 3 loops that are on your hook. SC in next stitch, then repeat the previous instruction to create a decrease for the bottom of the buttonhole. Repeat this process once more.

Cut yarn, leaving about 8-10 inches, and pull yarn through loop. Thread this end through a needle, insert through the last 6 stitches, and pull tightly to form the back.

If you are attaching this to a knitted or crocheted piece, you can just insert both yarn ends into the back side, tie a knot, and bury the ends!

Want to see this product as accents for an American Girl outfit?

Here she is, wearing her new cap, with the accents on the hat and top of her sweater.

Five buttons were added to brighten up the hat even more!

Have fun using your creativity to design accents with this simple to do trim.

Want to make this adorable top and skirt?

Making doll clothes is one of my passions.  If you love to design and create ensembles for your dolls, after you make a few of these, you can carry over this technique and attach these cute crocheted buttons to your own clothing!

Some suggestions:

-  Add to your own sweaters or hats

-  Replace some of your buttons with these

-  Sew in a pattern on a skirt, even using several different colors

Have fun!

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