Barbie Doll Hat to Crochet

Here you will find a Barbie doll hat to crochet.  You can leave it without adornments or add a flower embellishment, bows, or your own unique finishing touches.

Do you enjoy making doll clothes?

It's fun to design and crochet dresses, tops, sweaters, coats, and other clothing, but what fashion doll ensemble is complete without accessorizing? This hat is over sized to accommodate a ponytail or other full hairstyle.

Below you will find the pattern for the hat and links to free patterns for a

matching Cape Stole and the removable flowers to accent these accessories.

This pattern is ideal for a beginner, so get your hook, yarn and let's get started.


Gauge:  4 SC = 1 inch with sport yarn weight. Hook Size F/5 USA (3.75mm).

Chain 3.  Join chain.

Inside circle, 8 SC.  Ch 1, Turn.

Next, repeat (2SC, SC) sequence until the circle is 2 1/4" in diameter.

Do 2 rounds of the following:  (ch into next 3 sts, skip 1 stitch).

Next round:  SC in each stitch.

Last round:  (SC in next 3 stitches, skip 1)* (SC into back of stitches if you want to see the horizontal pattern that you see here.  If you do not like the horizontal lines, insert your hook into both loops of each stitch).

Cut yarn and bury ends.

You can leave your creation as is, or crochet the flower pictured here.

If you learn to make this flower, you can add it to hats, purses, or even dresses. This flower would make a lovely addition to a long ball gown.

You can crochet flowers and add them to your own hats, sweaters, or attach them to pipe cleaners and make flower arrangements. It is easy to sew them onto your own clothes and accessories.

Have fun and create! Enjoy!

Here is the knitting pattern for the alpaca dress.

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