American Girl Knit Sweater
Super Simple Pullover

This American Girl knit sweater pattern requires worsted weight yarn. It is composed of one piece only and is very easy to slip onto the doll, either from the feet up, or from the head down, because of the extra large neck opening.

I have had several requests for a simple pullover, using a worsted weight yarn. I designed this pattern in one piece to save on the finishing time of sewing the seams and burying yarn ends.

The two yarn ties on either side of the neck make dressing your doll super easy, and the holes formed from the ties to the sleeve stitches add a unique design to this pullover.

Instead of yarn ties, you can use plain or fancy ribbons, metallic yarn, or even mohair or a fluffy, textured yarn.

Are you a beginner knitter?

If so, this knit sweater for an American Girl doll will fit most 18 inch dolls. It is super easy to do.

The only stitches used to make this are knit and purl. Since you will begin at the back front and end at the front waist edge, there are only two seams to sew. How easy is this?


Gauge: 5 stitches = 1 inch, 7 rows = 1 inch using Size 6 needles, or the size you need to yield this gauge.

Be sure to knit several inches with at least 10 stitches to test your gauge. If you are getting more then 5 stitches per inch, try a larger needle size. If you are getting less than 5 stitches per inch, select a smaller size needle set and make another test piece.

Cast on 28 stitches.

Rows 1-3: Knit.

Continue with stockinette stitch (K 1 row, purl 1 row until pieces measures 3 3/4 inches from the start. End with a Purl Row.

Cast on 22 stitches at the beginning of the next row, and knit across the 50 stitches.

K 3, purl to end, and cast on 22 stitches. The 22 stitches you just added on both ends will become the sweater sleeves.

Next row: K across all 72 stitches.

Alternate the K row with the following P row until the sleeves are 2 inches wide.

P row: K 3, purl across remaining stitches until there are 3 stitches left. K the last 3 stitches of the row.

Note: You will be continuing a stockinette pattern but forming knitted sleeve ends by the K3 at both ends of all purl rows.

When the sleeves are 2" wide, end with a purl row.

Neck edge row: K 22, bind off 28 stitches for the neck edge, K 22.

Next row: K 3, P 19, cast on 28 stitches, P 19, K 3.

Next row: Purl.

Repeat the last two rows until sleeves are 4 1/4 inches wide, ending with a purl row.

Start of front: Bind off 22 stitches and knit to end.

Next row: Bind off 22 stitches and purl to end. (28 stitches remaining)

Continue in stockinette stitch until front measures 2 inches, ending with a purl row.

Knit 4 rows.

Bind off 28 stitches.


Sew seams, beginning at waist and continuing to the end of the sleeves.

Cut 4 yarn pieces 18 inches long. These will be the ties at the top of the American Girl pullover.

Fold each 18 inch length in half, forming a loop at one end. Insert this loop into the 6th stitch from the top of the front sleeve seam, and pull cut ends through. Knot the two strands of yarn and trim so that 1/4" - 1/2" extends past the knot.

Repeat on the opposite neck edge and attach two strands on the back side, both in the 6th stitches from the sleeve edge.

You have just completed this very easy American Girl knit sweater.

You can embellish this pattern by using one or more colors of yarn and make stripes on the pullover.

You can also use ribbon for the ties, in complimentary colors.

It only took me two hours to knit this simple pullover for an 18 inch doll. You can even include other stitches such as popcorn stitches, or just purl a stitch randomly on the knitted rows, or knit a stitch randomly on purl rows. Use you imagination, and have fun!

How precious would it be to have your daughter or granddaughter have a knit sweater to match her American Girl doll?

After you make this pullover, you can make one for yourself!

Here is the pattern
for Girls Sizes 6, 7, and 8.

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