American Girl Doll Clothes
Patterns to Knit

Is making doll clothes one of your passions?

Creating American Girl knit patterns is one of my hobbies. On this site you will find several free patterns to knit clothing for all seasons!  Check back often, as I plan on adding new patterns on a regular basis.

I have been knitting for 55 years. While recuperating from a tonsillectomy at age 5, my Aunt Phyllis gave me a set of 8"wooden knitting needles with red wooden spheres on the ends. They came with a book on How to Knit.

I began by learning the garter stitch, and now I am enjoying my passion for knitting by designing patterns for dolls. On my site you will find instructions for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced.

Since very little yarn is needed to create a beautiful ensemble for a doll, using yarn remnants and your imagination will result in many unique outfits and accessories.

If you do not know how to knit , here is a very helpful site where you can learn about basic stitches, tools and accessories, and access more free patterns.

Below you can see pictures of the knit clothing for which you will find free patterns for American Girl dolls, and many 18 inch dolls:

Merino Wool A-Line Dress

This simple sheath will always be in style!  Make several in different colors.

Sock Yarn Sweater

Using sock yarn creates a sweater that looks complicated, but the dyes in the yarn form the patterns!

Winter Coat

This winter coat was knit using several strands of Merino wool.

The wooden buttons coordinate with the brown yarn.

Seedstitch Jacket

This simple jacket can be made for any season.  Your imagination and the yarn that you use will determine the season, so have fun with this one!

Popcorn Vest

I knitted a vest like this when I was eleven years old.  It was one of my all time favorites.  I remember learning how to make the popcorn balls.

Easy Knit Pullover

This very easy sweater was a request from fans.

One Piece Swimsuit

Here is a classic, timeless one piece swimsuit.

Swimsuit Coverup

Every swimsuit needs a coverup, and this one is very easy to make!


You can add buttons, flowers, or ever ribbon trims as accents on this sundress.

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Free Pattern!

You can use any of the above patterns to enhance your creativity.  Experiment with various yarns, combining several different ones in a sweater or dress.  Use several different colors in the A-Line dress or pullover sweater, and you have a totally "new" look.

It is also fun to add embellishments when making doll clothes.  A few inches of brocade or embroidered ribbon can accent a dress, sweater, or even a swimsuit!

You can make several of the winter coats, varying the yarn colors, or even making one in a solid.

Unique buttons are another way to create unique designs!  Try wooden, plastic, or even ceramic buttons.

Have fun!

If you crochet, browse my free patterns to crochet.. You will find clothes and accessories for 18 inch dolls, including a swim suit, sun hat, sleeveless tops, sweaters, and skirts.

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