American Girl Doll
Knit Coat Pattern

This American Girl Knit coat is a relatively easy pattern, so if you are a beginner, give it a try! I used 2 strands of a variegated 100% wool (brown, olive green, and gold dyes), and one strand of olive green wool.

If you enjoy making doll clothes, this may become your favorite ensemble.  It is time consuming, but you will be rewarded with a truly classic coat to pass down to generations.

Coat Pattern

Gauge: 6 sts - one inch using Size 5 US Needles

Cast on 77 stitches.

Rows 1-5: K

Work in stockinette stitch (K one row, P one row) until piece measures 6 3/4 inches, ending with a P row.

Next row: K56, bind off 4 sts, K to end.

Left front (17 sts):

Row 1 and all odd rows: P

Row 2: K2tog, K13, K2 tog

Row 4: K2tog, K11, K2tog

Form front edge by decreasing at neck edge on knit rows until 7 sts remain.

Bind off 7 sts.

Right front

Join yarn at opposite front edge and begin right front by repeating rows 1-4 on 17 stitches, then continuing the decrease once again at the neck edge. Finish by binding off 7 sts.


Join yarn near right front on wrong side. Bind off 4 sts and purl across remaining stitches. You will have 39 stitches. Continue stockinette stitch on 39 remaining stitches, decreasing one stitch at each side on K rows until you have 27 stitches. Work until even with fronts. Bind off 7 sts on each of next 2 rows. Put remaining 13 stitches on a holder and set aside.

Your American Girl knit coat is almost done. Here are the instructions for knitting the sleeves:


I always divide my yarn into 2 balls at this stage, and do both sleeves at the same time. This guarantees that both are exactly the same length. Below you will find instructions for one sleeve. If you do 2 at the same time, start by casting on both on the same needle, and make two at the same time.

Cast on 26 stitches.

Rows 1-5: K

Work in stockinette stitch (K 1 row, P 1 row) until sleeves are 4 inches long.

Bind off 2 sts at the beginning of the next 2 rows.

Next Row: K2tog, K to last 2 stitches, PSSO. (PSSO means pass or slip a stitch from your left needle to your right needle, K the next stitch, in this case, the last stitch, and pass the slipped stitch over the stitch that you just knitted). This technique of decreasing provides a truly symetrical pattern.

Purl next row.

Repeat the last 2 rows until there are 10 stitches remaining.

Purl last row.

Bind off 10 stitches.


Sew shoulder seams by weaving the stitches. If you need help, you can see how to weave seams for a Barbie knit top.

Coat facing:

Using 2 strands of Merino wool, from right side, pick up and K 64 stitches from the bottom to the neck edge. K 13 stitches from the holder. Pick up and K 64 stitches from edge of neck to bottom of left side of coat. (141 stitches)

K next 3 rows.

Note: I used buttons 5/8" in diameter. The next row starts the formation of the buttonholes. If your buttons are only 3/8" in diameter, bind and cast off 2 sts instead of 3.

K17, bind off 3 sts, K8, BO 3, K8, BO3, K to end of row.

Next Row: K until you come to the bound off stitches, cast on 3 stitches, K8, cast on 3 sts, K8, cast on 3 sts, K to end.

K 3 more rows.

Bind off 141 stitches.

Final finishing:

Sew sleeve seams from the bottom edge to the underarm. Sew sleeves to coat.

Attach buttons, bury yarn ends, and enjoy!

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