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Sunhat for an American Girl Doll

Here is an EASY pattern for your American Girl doll that YOU can crochet! It is ideal for a beginner. It will fit most 15 to 18 inch dolls. Only two stitches are used: the double crochet and single crochet stitches.

I used a multi-colored Skacel 100% Polyamid(Tactel) yarn. Any worsted weight yarn would work. Be sure to check your gauge!

The hat requires about 25 grams.

Gauge: 4 SC = 1 inch with size G (4 mm) crochet hook.

Sun Hat Pattern:

Chain 5. Join chain, forming a circle, then ch 2.

Row 1: 8 DC in center of circle just formed. Join to complete circle and ch 2. Turn.

Row 2: DC in first stitch, then 2 DC in remaining stitches in row. Join, ch 2, and turn.

Rows 3-4: 1 DC in first stitch, 2 DC in next, alternating (1 DC, 2 DC). Join, ch 2, and turn.

Row 5: DC in each stitch around circle, join, ch 1, and turn.

Rows 6-8: SC in all stitches, joining at end, ch 1, and turn.

Row 9: Chain one more link, then 2 DC in each stitch. Join, ch 2, and turn.

Row 10: DC in every stitch. Join end.

Bury yarn ends.

You can embellish this hat with ribbon, flowers, or just leave it as is for your American Girl Doll or most other 13-18 inch dolls.

Think about other variations of this beach accessory:
1) You can use one color of yarn for the body of the hat and another for the brim.
2) A striped hat would also be cute using two different colors and alternating colors for each row.
3) A third colorful alternative would be to use a different color for every row. By using different textured yarns, you would make your creation even more interesting.

The important thing to remember is to have FUN and let your creative juices flow!

Feel free to browse other pages on my website for more free doll clothes patterns to knit, crochet, or sew. I hope your passion for making doll clothes will increase.

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