American Girl
Crochet Purse
with Flower Accent

How stylish your American Girl doll will look while carrying this purse that you have crocheted? You can make the flower the same color as the bag or use a contrasting color. You may even want to design the flower so that is removable (with a safety pin or Velcro).

Crochet Purse Instructions

The yarn I used is 80% alpaca, 20% cashmere and is a worsted weight.

Hook size G. Gauge: 7 SC = 1 inch.

Chain 9.

Row 1: SC in 2nd chain from hook, and in the next 7 chains. Ch 1, Turn.

Rows 2-15: SC in 2nd ch from hook, SC in each st, ch 1, turn.

To form sides and handles:

Ch into each stitch along edge (15), ch 12 for handle, ch into opposite top edge. Chain a second row into handle chain link, forming a wider handle. Cut yarn.

Attach yarn at opposite long edge. Ch 12 for opposite handle, ch into top stitch, and ch into each chain stitch of this handle, ch 1, turn.

SC in each stitch along long edge. Cut yarn.

Fold the rectangle in half, aligning handles. If you are unsure of how to the seam, you can see how to do so on a page where I have a pattern for making a simple knitted top. Here is the page where you can see how to

weave the side seams. You will find it below the directions for knitting the sleeveless top.

American Girl Accessory Variations

If you enjoy making doll clothes, you will enjoy crocheting many of these purses, one to match every outfit.  You can make a longer strap to creat a shoulder bag, or add a few stitches and make a beach bag!

You can adorn your purse with a flower to match the dress, or choose a complimentary color flower. This flower was made using the same weight yarn (worsted) and a Size G hook.

Sometimes I choose to sew beads onto the outside of a bag, dress, or hat.  You can also crochet the beads as you go.I found this great Youtube video to show you how.

Want to crochet this hat?

You can get as creative with the hat as you do with the purse,  The goal is to have fun as you are making doll clothes and accessories.

Here are other Free Patterns for your dolls.

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