American Girl
Crochet Hat Pattern

This American Girl crochet hat pattern is a very easy one to make and completes your ensemble. You can get creative by using different color schemes. Make several of these hats with your remnant yarns of any other colors or textures.

I chose to use the main color and trim the same as the sweater and skirt for this picture.

You can see a picture of the skirt and sweater below.

If you enjoy making doll clothes, this skirt and sweater is easy to make for your 18 inch dolls.

Click here for the link to the pattern.

American Girl Crochet Hat Pattern

I used a worsted weight yarn.

Hook:  Size J

Gauge:  4 SC = 1 inch

Chain 38.  Join chain to form a circle.

Rows 1-5:  Chain into each chain.

Rows 6-8:  SC in each stitch.

Remainder of hat:  (SC in next 3 stitches, skip 1)* - Repeat *, decreasing rows until there are 10 stitches remaining.

Cut yarn length to 9-11 inches and pull end through the last loop.  Thread a needle with the end of the yarn and insert it through the last 9 stitches.  Pull tightly to close the top of the hat, knot, and bury the yarn end.

You can embellish this beautiful cap with artificial or fabric flowers, or adorn it with the crocheted button that you see here.

Crochet a Hat for Yourself!

You can even adapt this design to make a hat for yourself. 

Here's how:

Just chain as many stitches as you need to go around your head comfortably.  Join the chain, and begin doing a single crochet into each stitch around.  Continue SC into each stitch until the hat is as long as you want it to be from the bottom row to the top of the hat.  Now begin decreasing until there are 10 stitches and finish as in the doll pattern.

You can change the look of this hat by using fancier yarns, or even several colors and make a striped hat.

You can make your own flowers or decorate your hat with ribbons, silk flowers, or other colored yarns.  Add beads or buttons, and you will have created an Original by YOU!

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