Free doll clothes patterns
to sew, knit, and crochet!

Do you want to make your own doll clothes? I will help you with patterns to knit, crochet, or sew. You will find patterns for a variety of dolls, including step-by-step instructions for accessories and unique storage ideas for all their paraphernalia.

My Website
My collection includes clothes for:

• American Girl (to knit, crochet, and sew)

• Barbie (to knit, crochet, and sew)

• Baby Dolls including Bitty Baby (to knit and crochet)

• Terri Lee

Follow my website for FREE patterns to sew, assemble, knit, or crochet. You will find many tips and techniques.

In general, making tiny items for fashion dolls such as Barbie is more tedious than making them for American Girl dolls. I am offering free patterns that are relatively EASY to make, regardless of the doll or your skill level.

As you gain skill and confidence, you will find more difficult sets of instructions.

You will find patterns for vintage doll clothes as well as styles that can be worn today. Explore my website and find creations to trigger your creativity with textiles. You will find doll clothes and accessory patterns for all skill levels.

I even have a free knitting pattern for girls that matches a pullover sweater for American Girl dolls. How much fun would it be to make a sweater for your doll, and a matching one for yourself?

Trends Today
Barbie is still a popular Mattel item, including accessories and play things for her. Patterns are currently available from companies such as Simplicity.

American Girls Dolls have fan clubs, magazines, and ready made clothes for you and your American Girl doll. They also offer kits to make your own 18 inch doll clothes.

There are countless sources for free patterns and also thousands to be purchased.

If you make your own creations, a great source for fabrics is a used clothing store. Goodwill online, Salvation Army stores, Savers, and consignment stores will have cashmere items that you can cut and sew, or felt and then make clothes and accessories for you and your dolls. Any clothing article with beautiful yarns can be ripped and unwound so that you can reuse the gorgeous yarns.

Great "Finds" are prom gowns to use for elegant ball gowns or wedding dresses and veils!

Explore this site, gather your yarns and fabrics, and let your creativity lead you to dress your dolls fashionably! Most of all, have fun while you are designing.

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Free Doll Patterns that You Can Make
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Knit Sweater Matching American Girl Doll Pullover
FREE easy pattern for Girls Sweater Sizes 6,7,8 to match American Girl Knit pullover sweater from worsted weight yarn.
American Girl doll Knit Accessories
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Vintage Doll Patterns for Barbie
Vintage Doll Patterns for Barbie,knitted and crocheted from 1963-1968.
FREE Barbie doll patterns to crochet
FREE patterns to crochet for Barbie or other fashion dolls. Skirt, sweater, accessories.
FREE Barbie patterns to knit. Dresses, skirts, tops, and accessories.
FREE Barbie patterns to knit for Barbie or other fashion dolls. Skirt, sweater, accessories.
Doll Accessories that You Can Make
Doll Accessories for American Girl,Barbie,Terri Lee. Jewelry,slippers, and hats.
Barbie Doll Accessories that You Can Make Very Easily
Easy Barbie Doll Accessories to make; a hat from an egg carton and a clutch purse.
Barbie Doll Accessories that You Can Knit
Barbie Doll Accessories to knit. Free patterns for a cap with opening for her ponytail and a clutch purse.
Bitty Baby Doll Clothes:Gown and Cap from a McCall's Pattern.
Bitty Baby Doll Clothes: Sleeper and Night Cap from a McCall's Pattern.
Bitty Baby Clothes - Strawberry Theme Knitted
Bitty Baby Clothes: knit strawberry cocoon and matching hat; skill level intermediate.
Cloth Dolls - A girl farmer doll crafted in 1979
Cloth dolls - a girl farmer doll with pigtails handmade in 1979.
Cloth Dolls Faces on handmade dolls created from 1979 to 1989.
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Doll Closet - Handmade from a wooden pear crate.
A doll closet that my father created from a wooden pear crate. This original was hand crafted in 1954 for Terri Lee, but it doubled as a wardrobe Barbie doll clothes. Today, ideal for America
Doll Jewelry Box pictures, dimensions, and basic instructions.
Doll Jewelry Box for Terri Lee but great for American Girl,Barbie,or others.
Doll Stands for Fashion Dolls
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Terri Lee Doll Clothes
Terri Lee Doll clothes from the 1950's. A collection of handmade vintage clothes.'s Privacy Policy
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